The CTO Manifesto

I published my personal manifesto in 2014. I put a lot of work into it, so much so that, three years later, I am still living by those values.

As I am starting my job as Chief Technology Officer of a promising company, I am taking some time to reflect on my responsibilities, since there is no job description for CTOs: it depends on the company, its stage, its people, its culture and a million other factors.

Here’s the kind of CTO I want to be.

As CTO, I embody the culture of my company. I live by the values the company defines and I inspire my team to do the same. I also live, in every moment, by my own, personal culture. I speak up when a decision or project doesn’t align with those values.

Moreover, I don’t simply consume the culture: I create it. Day by day, I let my choices and my actions shape the company. I plan and execute with the utmost care, because I am not just in charge of myself anymore.

As CTO, I turn business requirements into technical solutions. I lead the usage and evolution of technology in my company.

I stay up to date in my field, evaluate and integrate the latest tools and techniques in the company’s processes and systems, ensuring that we are always ahead of the competition.

As CTO, I hire the right people: that is, those who display integrity, respect and compatibility with the company’s values and mine. I consider each team member as both an individual and part of something bigger.

I do whatever I can to help them achieve their individual dreams and ambitions, because the only way to success is to foster an environment where everyone is able to express themselves to their fullest. If necessary, I let my people move on, so that they move closer to their goals.

As CTO, I am, first and foremost, a user and a creator of technology. I lead my team by example and work by their side, always. I am the first one in and the last one out. I let my team challenge, criticize and improve my work and I encourage them to do so.

I am the best of myself at all times, because it will deliver value and inspire my team to do the same.

Technology leader and strategic advisor. I work at the intersection of people, software and words.

Technology leader and strategic advisor. I work at the intersection of people, software and words.