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2018 has had lots of ups and lots of downs for me. I’ve never published an annual review before, but I thought it would be fun to try.


In February, I broke up with my significant other, whom I had been with for three years. It was one of the most painful and challenging experiences of my life, but it was also transformative.


On the professional side, the first few months of 2018 have not exactly been a blast. The startup I was CTO of ran out of runway and we had to prematurely end an amazing journey. I don’t think I need to explain how sad it can be to pull the plug on a project you’ve given your everything.


My health in 2018 has been worse than usual. Nothing serious happened, but I’ve had a lot of small problems and annoyances that have kept me more busy than I would have liked. I suspect it’s because of the stress from so many problems hitting me at once.

  • I want to cook my own meals at least 4 days/week;
  • I want to go to the gym 3 times/week, starting in February.


I wish I could say I didn’t have the time to write much in 2019, but it’s more accurate to say that I couldn’t find the energy. There was just too much on my mind in the first part of the year and, by the time I had my willpower back, I had completely lost the habit to write consistently.


My Kindle dashboard says I read 19 books in 2018. Unfortunately there’s no good way to extract accurate stats from my Kindle library, so I just based this on my memory and date of purchase.

Open source

On the open source side, things went pretty well. I was able to push a few improvements to Pragma — a lot of work has gone into improving the developer experience by writing better error messages for common gotchas and extensive documentation on how to use the framework in the real world.


This has been an absolute disaster. I only published 13 photos on my 500px profile in 2018 and, while this might seem a decent number, they were only shot on two occasions and are not really up to my usual standards.

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