How I Reinvented the Ivy Lee Method

What I want to show you today is the productivity technique I’ve been following successfully for the past year. It’s not complicated and so it won’t take more time than it saves you, as is the case for a huge number of these tricks. All you need is a Trello board and some prioritization skills.

  • Since I work on different projects, I prepend each task with the project it’s linked to, so that I can look at my board and get a clear picture of what I’ll be working on.

That’s It.

If you, like me, hate productivity techniques, you might find this a bit simpler to stick to and quite powerful, since it forces you to prioritize and allows you to quickly get an overview of your real priorities (which, more often than not, are different from our perceived priorities). It’s also a very flexible method since Trello allows you to do a lot of things: track time, see your tasks in a calendar… the possibilities are virtually endless.

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